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Date 20-7-2011
Number DISI-TR-11-04
Title On the Decidability Status of Reachability and Coverability in Graph Transformation Systems
Authors Natalie Bertrand, Giorgio Delzanno, Barbara Koenig, Arnaud Sangnier, Jan Stuckrath
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E-mail delzanno@disi.unige.it
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/DelzannoG/Papers/gts.pdf
Abstract We study decidability issues for reachability problems in graph transformation systems, a powerful infinite-state model. For a fixed initial configuration, we consider reachability of an entirely specified configuration and of a configuration that satisfies a given pattern (coverability). The former is a fundamental problem for any computational model, the latter is strictly related to verification of safety properties in which the pattern specifies an infinite set of bad configurations. In this paper we reformulate results obtained, e.g., for context-free graph grammars and concurrency models, such as Petri nets, in the more general setting of graph transformation systems and study new results for classes of models obtained by adding constraints on the form of reduction rules.

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Viewing Graph Transformation through the Algorithmic Lens
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