Relationships between Logical Frameworks

The people of this group mainly involved in this area are E.Astesiano , M.Cerioli (Contact person) and G.Reggio

Many approaches to the semantics of programming languages are characterized by the class of languages under investigation and for each of them a class of possible models, describing the intended semantics, and a set of formulas used to choose among the possible models those of interested for a particular application.
An abstract concept representing this situation is that of institution by Burstall and Goguen.
Using this and similar notions it is possible to state theorems and results, to propose methodologies independently from the particular metaformalism used and moreover a rigorous notion of relationship among different formalisms can be rigorously phrased.
The main contributions of this group to the Institution area are the following.

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Maura Cerioli
29 April, 1996