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Mar 15
Added the First Workshop on Functional Programming, Buenos Aires to the conferences page.
Mar 14
Removed links to out-of-date bibliographies for ASPLOS, PACT, PLDI, POPL. Up-to-date versions are available from the ACAPS group at McGill. Updated the link to the TOPLAS bibliography (by Preston Briggs and Nelson Beebe).

Added a link to Michael Ley's Database Systems and Logic Programming Bibliographies.

Added a link to the ACM SIGPLAN home page.

Mar 11
Added Eelco Visser's home page.

Added the Gentle page at GMD to the language overviews page.

Mar 10
Added the ACAPS bibliographies from McGill to the bibliographies page. Included are all PLDI, ASPLOS, HPCA, ISCA (from 10), POPL (from 14), T/LOPLAS, and other related conferences.
Mar 9
Added AMAST Links, the archive of Algebraic Methodology And Software Technology newsletters, to the main page.

Added the LANDE project and the partial evaluation project at IRISA to the projects page.

Added Michael Leuschel's home page.

Mar 8
Added the Summer School on Advanced Functional Programming to the conferences page.

Added a link to Andrew Cumming's A Gentle Introduction to ML (mirrored in Canada) to the Standard ML page at CMU (listed on the language overviews page).

Mar 4
Finally added the ASPLOS (Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems) web page to the conferences page. (Submissions due March 5.)

What's new: January 1996

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