Special session on

Bioinformatics and Computational Intelligence

ICANN 2012
11-14 September 2012 – Lausanne, Switzerland
News: Deadline moved to April 9, 2012 according to ICANN 2012 extended submission date

Aims and Scope

The Twentieth century is often referred to as the Century of Biology, thanks to the extraordinary development of this scientific area which closed the century with the great success of the Human Genome Project and the subsequent complete sequencing of human DNA.

Currently we are at the beginning of the so-called Post-Genomic Era, characterized on the one hand by the availability of a huge amount of Bioinformatics data (often in the public domain), and on the other hand by the need for new and efficient mathematical methods and algorithms capable of distilling the information contained in the data. As a matter of fact, the emphasis of research in Bioinformatics is shifting from efficient data storing and handling to methods able to extract useful information from data.

Computational Intelligence includes neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, fuzzy logic, and other related methodologies, partly inspired by natural systems. These are a family of powerful methods for data analysis, able to transform the available heterogeneous data into biological knowledge. In recent years, these techniques have been successfully applied in almost all areas of Bioinformatics to the solution of complex problems concerning signal analysis, classification, clustering, feature selection, and data mining and visualization.

This Special Session will focus on the latest advancements of Computational Intelligence as a tool to tackle the challenges arising from problems in current biology and related disciplines, such as chemo-informatics and personalized medicine. Topics of interest therefore include, but are not limited to:

Submissions will be peer reviewed and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Submission procedure

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers of no more than eight (8) pages, following the guidelines shown on the ICANN 2012 submission page.

The deadline for paper submission will be March 15, 2012 April 9, 2012 (note updated deadline according to ICANN 2012 extended submission date).

Authors are expected to present their paper at the symposium.