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a tool for use case based requirement specifications

ReqGuru è is a software product to support the preparation of use case based requirement specification developed at DISI as part of the didactic activities of the Degree in Computer Science of the University of Genova. More precisely, ReqGuru has the been the topic of the project of the course in Software Engineering in the Academic Year under 2005/06 the supervision of Prof. Gianna Reggio and with the collaboration of Stefano Mannino, and now is the topic of the final project of Sergio Mangialardi.
How to get a running copy of ReqGuru 0.1.2

Copyright: DISI - University of Genova, as for any product developed during the didactic activities, but the credits are due to Gianna Reggio and Stefano Mannino for the product conception and early design and to Sergio Mangialardi for the realization as Eclipse plug-in.

For any problem, question and in general anything related to ReqGuru write to gianna.reggio@disi.unige.it