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ReqGuru 0.1.2: Installing instructions

ReqGuru is developed as an Eclipse 3 plug-in, so a working Eclipse installation is needed; version 1.5 (or greater) of JRE (Java Runtime Environment) is also required (Java download page).

Installing Eclipse on Windows

To install Eclipse, download the latest stable version from Eclipse download page and unzip this file into a folder, e.g. c:\Program Files. At this time, tha is eclipse-SDK-3.2.2-win32.zip (121 MB download size). This will create the folder c:\Program Files\eclipse.

Eclipse download page
Figure 1. Eclipse download page (click for larger image).

Be sure to preserve Eclipse directory structure when extracting files from the archive (please refer to the help of the tool used for extraction).
There isn't a setup.exe file, installation of Eclipse is completed just by unzipping the archive.

To start Eclipse run eclipse.exe in the root of Eclipse installation (c:\Program Files\eclipse\eclipse.exe in the example above).

Installing ReqGuru

Eclipse has its own on-line plug-in installer/updater system. To install ReqGuru, make sure the system is connected to the Internet, start Eclipse and open the Update Manager by choosing Help -> Software Updates -> Find and Install...

Eclipse menu
Figure 2. Eclipse menu (click for larger image).

In the resulting dialog choose Search for new features to install and press Next.

Install/Update dialog
Figure 3. Install/Update dialog (click for larger image).

Click New Remote Site... and type "ReqGuru Update Site" as Name and "www.softshark.org/reqguru_update" in the URL field.

New Remote Site dialog
Figure 4. New Remote Site dialog (click for larger image).

Click OK.
Click Finish in the Install dialog to open Updates dialog.
Check the box of the "ReqGuru" feature.

Updates dialog
Figure 5. Updates dialog (click for larger image).

Click Next.
Read carefully the license terms, accept them if agreed, and click Next.
Click Finish.
Click Install all.
At the end of installation choose to restart Eclipse.

From now on you can use ReqGuru tool.