Research interests

My interests are in the fields of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. In particular most of my research activity in recent years has been devoted to finding good visual representations, able to capture the complexity of a problem, while allowing me to design systems with the ability to perform their visual tasks in real-time. On this respect I have been involved in
  • learning representations for high dimensional data: (structured) feature selection, dimensionality reduction, support set estimation
  • visual recognition pipelines for object detection, retrieval, and recognition in images and image sequences;
  • algorithms for behavior understanding and action recognition.
Besides theory, algorithms and methods, I also enjoy playing with real world applications.Over the years I have beenĀ  scientific coordinator of technology transfer and applied research projects where we studied, designed and developed
  • vision algorithms and methods for humanoid robots
  • computer vision tools for the visually impaired
  • face biometry and video-surveillance prototypes
  • 3D computer vision and machine learning methods for Entry Descent and Landing (EDL) on planetary surfaces
  • image processing for postal security.
I lead the computer vision area of the slipguru research group. An overview of our research may be found here .

My pubblications may be found here



Research keywords

  • computer vision
  • machine learning
  • object detection
  • behavior analysis
  • video-surveillance