Eugenio Moggi Biography

Academic qualifications:

Academic career.

Research interests: semantics of programming languages and program logics.

Main research contributions:

Research projects: Member of Editorial Boards: ENTCS, JFP, MSCS

Member of Working Groups: IFIP WG 2.11

Invited speaker to: CTCS87, CT91, CTCS91, CSL92, North American Jumelage 93, CATS94, MASK95, FMCS98, DTP00, FMCO04, MFPS06, AILA07 school, Plotkin-60 Fest, Longo-60 Fest

PC member of: LICS92, CTCS93, MFCS93, CTCS95, CSL96, CATS97, CTCS97 (chair), PLILP98, LICS98, PPDP99, IMLA99, MPC00, ICFP00, ICALP01, SAIG01, ICTCS01, WCGP02, TIP02, IMLA02, FOSSACS03, LICS03, GPCE03, ICALP04, CSL04, ML06, ESOP06, CATS06, MFPS07, ICALP07, ICTCS07 (co-chair), FOSSACS08, PPDP08, IFIPTCS08

OC Member of: CTCS97 (chair), LICS99 (co-chair), ETAPS01, PPDP04 (general chair), GPCE05 (general chair), AILA08

Services: Coordinator PhD programme in Computer Science (1993-2009), President Italian Chapter of EATCS (2004-05, 2009-10), Member of EATCS council (2005-2009)

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