APPSEM Summer School, Caminha, September 2000
Course on Monads and Effects
by N.Benton, J.Hughes and E.Moggi

Last updated 05 Sep 2000 by Eugenio Moggi



NOTES ON LINE (complete version), slides on PART I
  1. PART I - Monads for denotational semantics (E.Moggi) OVERVIEW on monads in category theory and computer science.

    METALANGUAGES FOR COMPUTATIONAL MONADS (see [Mog91]). Simple examples of computational monads in the category of sets and cpos.

    MONADS AND DENOTATIONAL SEMANTICS (see [Mog97]). How to translate a programming language into a metalanguage for computational monads, why such translation helps in structuring the denotational semantics of a programming language. How to build complex monads: monad transformers [LH96,Mog97] and layered monads [Fil99].

  2. PART II - Monads in Haskell programming (J.Hughes)

  3. PART III - Effect systems and monads (N.Benton)