Mainstream research in Web Services is currently looking at two main aspects, namely formally describing interactions among services, and finding and combining services. Much work made in the intelligent agents area is being applied to these issues. With the design and implementation of CooWS, we have investigated the application of agent research to Web Services from a different perspective, that is, procedural learning. The final objective is to enable an adaptive system (an agent in our terminology) to discover or being fed with knowledge concerning how to solve a specific set of problems in a specific software or physical environment. CooWS is a very preliminary step into the issue, with the main objective of assessing how current Web Services technology can support a component, described in terms of beliefs, desires and intentions, dynamically adapting its behaviour to new environments.


  • Download the source code of CooWS .
  • Download the Master Thesis (in Italian) of Luigi Bozzo that describes CooWS in detail.
  • Download the paper on CooWS presented at the WWW/Internet 2005 Conference, and its extended version presented at the EUMAS 2005 Conference.
  • Note that no complete documentation written in English is available yet. Currently, CooWS is distributed as it is. We are working at the development of both a manual and a tutorial.


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Last Updated: April, 2013