Paola Magillo - PhD Thesis

This page contains pointers to my PhD thesis, entitled

"Spatial Operations on Multiresolution Cell Complexes"

which I defended on February, 1999 at the Dipartimento di Informatica e Scienze dell'Informazione of the University of Genova, Italy.


Cell complexes are used for modeling geometric entities in several application fields. In this approach, an object of arbitrary shape is represented through an aggregation of simple, basic shapes, called cells. A high number of cells is necessary to obtain accurate descriptions, thus involving high costs for managing a complex. Costs can be reduced by locally adapting the resolution of a complex to the needs of each task. A multiresolution complex is a structure which encodes alternative representations of a geometric entity at different resolution, and can be inquired by the user to retrieve any of such complexes. Several multiresolution models for cell complexes have been proposed in the literature, but the field still lacks of a unifying framework. In this thesis, we propose a general model for multiresolution cell complexes, which encompasses most existing proposals, and we define standard access operations for such a model. We specialize the model and its operations for case-study applications, with the design of data structures and algorithms: selected applications include the representation of terrains, of free-form surfaces, of three-dimensional scalar fields, and of the volume of solid objects. Experimental results from prototype implementations are reported.

Table of Contents and pointers to files

  1. Title page, Abstract, Table of Contents: (28536b) (6 unnumbered pages + pages 1-7)
  2. Introduction: (66401b) (pages 8-16)
  3. Background: (132651b) (pages 17-60)
  4. Previous and Related Work: (156642b) (pages 61-115)
  5. A Model for Multiresolution Cell Complexes: (155881b) (pages 116-166)
  6. Querying a Multiresolution Cell Complex: (323740b) (pages 167-226)
  7. Data Structures and Algorithms: (169463b) (pages 227-284)
  8. Construction of a Multiresolution Cell Complex: (219354b) (pages 285-320)
  9. Applications of the Multi-Complex: (929496b) (pages 321-372)
  10. Concluding Remarks: (28986b) (pages 373-381)
  11. Bibliography: (39080b) (pages 382-299)
  12. Appendix: (20641b) (pages 400-406)


The thesis can be references as:
Paola Magillo,
"Spatial Operations on Multiresolution Cell Complexes", PhD Thesis,
Report No. DISI-TH-1999-03,
Dipartimento di Informatica e Scienze dell'Informazione,
University of Genova, Italy, 1999.