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Anna Maddalena

Contact Details

DISI - Dipartimento di Informatica e Scienze dell'Informazione
Via Dodecaneso, 35
16146 Genova - ITALY
Phone: +39 (010) 3536708
Fax: +39 (010) 3536699
Email address: maddalena@disi.unige.it
Anonymous ftp: ftp.disi.unige.it/person/MaddalenaA

Presently, I am working at the Drug Discovery and Devolopment Department of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT),

From June 2006 to December 2008: Post-Doc at DISI, University of Genoa, Database Genoa Research Group 



Teaching activity at DISI

PhD history  (no more updated)

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Please send suggestions and comments to:
Anna Maddalena maddalena@disi.unige.it

Last Updated: September 14, 2008