Welcome to the World Wide Web resources guide for Minix users. Minix on the Net provides informations about the small educational operating system developed by Andrew S. Tanenbaum. There are lot of pointers to all the web resources, news from usenet newsgroup comp.os.minix, and documents.


Pointers to the most interesting World Wide Web pages and anonymous FTP sites. Minix on the Net Resources area also provides brief comments for every link, to make easier searching specific informations.


Available here the Minix Information Sheet (by A.Tanenbaum) and the official Minix FAQ (by G.Overby). Minix on the Net Informations area provides basical info about Minix, hints, an introduction to comp.os.minix newsgroup and rules to subscribe the Minix-L mailing-list.


Who's who? A list of important Minix developers and other Minix People. Here you can find their e-mail addresses and some history of them.


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FTP Server

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Computer Science department, University of Genoa, Italy
E-mail to: minix@arsenio.disi.unige.it (Minix/P5 Workgroup)