Minix on the Net Resources area provides pointers to World Wide Web pages about the Minix operating system and links with anonymous FTP sites where it's possible downloading programs, tools, source files, documents, and a lot more about the small Unix clone. (last updated on 29 April 1997)
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Andy Tanenbaum Minix Page

The official Home Page for Minix. This site provides the latest Minix Information Sheet (mantained by A.Tanenbaum).

The Vrije University FTP

The main site for distribution of Minix. Minix 2.0.0 available here.

Minix1 Home Page

This is the first web site based upon standard Minix. It provides the most interesting informations about Minix operating system and has many pointers to all the web resources. It also supports ftp: Minix1-FTP (mantained by A.Woodhull).

Minix Information

The official FAQs for comp.os.minix, the Information Sheet and a Minix FTP sites list (mantained by G.Overby).


Minix-VMD was written by Kees Bot and Philip Homburg. It is a superset of standard Minix that provides virtual memory and support X11. This is a 32bit version of Minix.

Networking Software

This page introduce the experimental networking software for Minix developed by M.Temari. The software actually supports the hyper text transfer protocol (http) and other network applications.

Solaris Minix

Solaris Minix (SMX) is a version of MINIX 2.0 that has been ported (by P.Ashton and P.Smith) to run a SunOs process.


Here is a web site specializing in info about Minix for the MACINTOSH. (maintained by B.Pliner).

Minix Emulator

MinixEMU is a Minix binary emulator for unix systems with vm86 support. It runs minix binaries in a virtual 8086 emulation.

FTP Funet

Anonymous ftp site with large archive, and mirrors.

This ftp site provides many interesting things about Minix: sources and articles collected from Usenet or other FTP sites, sources from the VMD Minix project, the old archive and more.

Anonymous ftp site with large archive, and mirrors.

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