Elisabetta Delponte

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via Dodecaneso 35, 16146 Genova, Italy

tel : + 39 010 353 66 09
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Science communication

In 2007 I conceived and realized a scientific podcast website for the Science Departments of the University of Genova.
efferveScienze is an audioblog containing scientific news, conferences announcement and interviews to scientists.

Press office... more or less
2007: organization of the press office for A journey through computation a workshop that have brought together a number of scientists who have been working together with Tomaso Poggio on different aspects of computation. A brief audio interview to pigreco party about the conference. The workshop on the italian press.

2007: design and realization of the page for advertising DISI, the Department of Computer Science of Genova. The page was published on the 1st September by the newspaper Repubblica.

2006: organization of the press office for the workshop Trends in Computational Sciences during which Ingrid Daubechies received a laurea honoris causa from the University of Genova.
2004: organization of the press office for the workshop Analytic methods for learning theory Workshop and the Steve Smale's Laurea honoris causa. For more informations about these special events visit SlipGURU webpage for special events.