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What is an Abstract Data Type, after all?
(A Bibliography on the Workshops on Abstract Data Types)

M. Gogolla and M. Cerioli .
In G. Reggio, E. Astesiano and A. Tarlecki, editors, Recent Trends in Data Type Specification, number 906 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 499--523, Berlin, 1995. Springer Verlag.
We look back on ten Workshops on Abstract Data Types. Organizers and publications, a list of authors referencing their talks and papers on the workshops, and a workshop bibliography are presented.

CONTENTS of wadts-bib.ps

  1. Organizers and Publications of the Workshops
  2. The KWIC Index
    The KWIC (Key Word In Context) index is an alphabetical listing of all important words which appear in the titles. If one is interested in a particular topic, then the corresponding keyword has to be looked for, taking advantage of the alphabetical order, and on the left hand side the references containing that keyword in their title are listed.
  3. The contributors
    A list of the people presenting works and of their coauthors, in alphabetical order together with the list of their publications at these workshops.
  4. References

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