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A Lazy Approach to Partial Algebras

M. Cerioli .

In G. Reggio, E. Astesiano and A. Tarlecki, editors, Recent Trends in Data Type Specification, number 906 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 188--202, Berlin, 1995. Springer Verlag.

Starting from the analysis of which features are required by an algebraic formalism to describe at least the more common data types used in imperative and functional programming, a framework is proposed, collecting many techniques and ideas from the algebraic community, with the capability for an immediate representation of partiality and error-recovery.
This formalism, of so called lazy algebras, inherits mainly from two parents: partial and label algebras; from the former especially on a technical side and from the later from a philosophical point of view.
But, as all children, it has its own individuality and in particular an original mechanism to represent lazy evaluation in an algebraic framework has been introduced.

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