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Partial Higher-Order Specifications
(Extended version)

E. Astesiano and M. Cerioli .

Fundamenta informaticae, 16(2):101--126, 1992.

In this paper the classes of extensional models of higher-order partial conditional specifications are studied, with the emphasis on the closure properties of these classes.
Further it is shown that any equationally complete inference system for partial conditional specifications may be extended to an inference system for partial higher-order conditional specifications, which is equationally complete w.r.t. the class of all extensional models.
Then, applying some previous results, a deduction system is proposed, equationally complete for the class of extensional models of a partial conditional specification.
Finally, turning the attention to the special important case of term-extensional models, it is first shown a sound and equationally complete inference system and then necessary and sufficient conditions are given for the existence of free models, which are also free in the class of term-generated extensional models.

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