ECOOP'2000 Workshop on
Reflection and Metalevel Architectures

(On-Line Proceedings)

Meta-Level Architecture
A Reflective Framework for Reliable Mobile Agent Systems. (Download)
   Takuo Watanabe, Amano Noriki, and Kenji Shinbori (JAIST, Japan)
Security and Meta Programming in Java. (Download)
   Julien Vayssière (INRIA - CNRS - I3S, France)
Iguana/J: Towards a Dynamic and Efficient Reflective Architecture for Java. (Download)
   Barry Redmond, and Vinny Cahill (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Reflective Actors for Mobile Agents Programming. (Download)
   Jean-Paul Arcangeli, Laetitia Bray, Annie Marcoux, Christine Maurel, and Frédéric Migeon (IRIT, France)
Software Engineering
Using Reflective Features to Support Mobile Users. (Download)
   Vania Marangozova and Fabienne Boyer (INRIA, France)
Reflective Architecture for Changing Objects. (Download)
   Emiliano Tramontana (University of newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom)
Towards a Reflective Component Based Middleware Architecture. (Download)
   Nikos Parlavantzas, Geoff Coulson, Mike Clarke, and Gordon Blair (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)
Reflective Implementation of non-functional Properties with the JavaPod Component Platform. (Download)
   Eric Bruneton, and Michel Riveill (INRIA, France)
The Role of Meta-Information Management in Reflective Middleware. (Download)
   Fábio Costa, and Gordon S. Blair (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)
Using Reflection for Composable Message Semantics. (Download)
   Markus A. Hof (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)
Program Translation
Declarative Meta-Programming for a Language Extensibility Mechanism. (Download)
   Johan Brichau (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
Jasper: Type Safe Compile-Time Reflection Language Extensions and MOP Based Templates for Java. (Download)
   Dmitry Nizhegorodov (Oracle Corporation, USA)
On the Lightweight and Selective Introduction of Reflective Capabilities in Applications. (Download)
   Rémi Douence, and Mario Südolt (École des Mines de Nantes, France)