(Calculus for Module Systems)

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The calculus is the instantiation over a simple functional language of the untyped version of the calculus defined in .

The intepreter interface is implemented by an applet.

Two different text areas are provided by the applet: the first (left) is an editable input area where the expression to
be evaluated has to be inserted; the latter (right) is a not editable output area where evaluation results are printed.

Please, note that the whole text in the input area will be interpreted whenever evaluation is triggered.

Evaluation is triggered by the "Eval" button, whereas the "Clear" button clears the output area.

It is possible to execute two different kinds of behaviorally equivalent applets.
The first applet uses no deprecated APIs, but it works only with the most recent versions of browsers.
The second one uses deprecated APIs, so it works also with older versions.


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