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Recent DISI Technical Reports

Date Ref. Number Title Authors Details
5-3-2016 DIBRIS-TR-16-01 A Continuous scale-space method for the automated placement of spot heights on maps Luigi Rocca, Bernhard Jenny, and Enrico Puppo
26-1-2015 DIBRIS-TR-15-01 Fast and portable text detection Francesca Odone and Luca Zini
22-11-2014 DIBRIS-TR-14-07 Parameterized Verification and Model Checking for Distributed Broadcast Protocols Giorgio Delzanno
25-8-2014 DIBRIS-TR-14-06 Android Permissions Unleashed (Technical Report) Alessandro Armando, Gabriele Costa, Roberto Carbone
27-5-2014 DIBRIS-TR-14-05 Detecting and Correcting Conservativity Principle Violations in Ontology-to-Ontology Mappings Alessandro Solimando, Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz, Giovanna Guerrini
5-5-2014 DIBRIS-TR-14-04 PreciseSSD: a Service System Building Method (extended report) Christine Choppy - Gianna Reggio
20-4-2014 DIBRIS-TR-14-03 Precise and Formal Modelling Methods for Service Systems Christine Choppy - Gianna Reggio
6-3-2014 DIBRIS-TR-14-02 Improving the Quality and the Comprehension of Requirements: Disciplined Use Cases and Mockups: Comp Gianna Reggio, Filippo Ricca, Maurizio Leotta
8-1-2014 DIBRIS-TR-14-01 Coping with Conservativity Principle Violations in Ontology Mappings Alessandro Solimando, Giovanna Guerrini
4-12-2013 DIBRIS-TR-13-05 Open Data in Italia Maria Grazia Ierardi, Giuseppe Ciaccio, Marina RIbaudo
21-6-2013 DIBRIS-TR-13-04 Morphologically correct elimination of flat edges and triangles from a triangulated terrain Paola Magillo, Leila De Floriani, Federico Iuricich
15-4-2013 DISI-TR-13-03 Parameterized Verification of Broadcat Networks of Register Automata Giorgio Delzanno, Arnaud Sangnier, Riccardo Traverso
14-3-2013 DISI-TR-13-02 Downsize the UML: a Preliminary Survey Detecting the Used Constructs - Full version Gianna Reggio, Maurizio Leotta, Filippo Ricca, Diego Clerissi
19-2-2013 DIBRIS-TR-13-01 Open Data and Personal Information: A Smart Disclosure Approach based on OAuth 2.0 (extended version Giuseppe Ciaccio, Antonio Pastorino, Marina Ribaudo
13-11-2012 DISI-TR-12-05 On the Coverability Problem for Asynchronous Broadcast Networks (Extended and Revised Version) Giorgio Delzanno and Riccardo Traverso
5-6-2012 DISI-TR-12-04 A Disciplined Style for Use Case based Requirement Specification Egidio Astesiano - Gianna Reggio
16-4-2012 DISI-TR-12-03 Analysis and Comparison of Algorithms for Morse Decomposition on Triangulated Terrains Maria Vitali, Leila De Floriani, Paola Magillo
2-4-2012 DISI-TR-12-02 Choosing the Right Style for Modelling the Business Process with the UML: Complete Version Gianna Reggio, Maurizio Leotta, Filippo Ricca, Egidio Astesiano
15-3-2012 DISI-TR-12-01 Multi-Resolution Morse Complexes Lidija Comic, Leila De Floriani, Federico Iuricich
19-12-2011 DISI-TR-11-12 Ccurvatures as Discrete Curvature Estimators Mohammed Mostefa Mesmoudi, Leila De Floriani, Paola Magillo
16-12-2011 DISI-TR-11-11 A “Light” Model Driven Method for Developing SOA Systems Maurizio Leotta, Gianna Reggio, Filippo Ricca, Egidio Astesiano
13-12-2011 DISI-TR-11-10 Alcune indicazioni per un ecosistema digitale di servizi al cittadino e all'impresa B. Catania, G. Ciaccio, V. Gianuzzi, G. Guerrini, M. Ribaudo
19-8-2011 DISI-TR-11-09 CASL-MDL, modelling dynamic systems with a formal foundation and a UML-like notation Christine Choppy, Gianna Reggio
18-8-2011 DISI-TR-11-08 XML Updates: basic techniques and extensions Alessandro Solimando, Giorgio Delzanno, Giovanna Guerrini
22-7-2011 DISI-TR-11-07 Reachability Problems in Bioambients Giorgio Delzanno, Gianluigi Zavattaro
22-7-2011 DISI-TR-11-06 Verification of Ad Hoc Networks with Node and Communication Failures Giorgio Delzanno, Arnaud Sangnier, Gianluigi Zavattaro
22-7-2011 DISI-TR-11-05 On the Verification of Timed Ad Hoc Networks Parosh Abdulla, Giorgio Delzanno, Othmane Rezine, Arnaud Sangnier, Riccardo Traverso
20-7-2011 DISI-TR-11-04 On the Decidability Status of Reachability and Coverability in Graph Transformation Systems Natalie Bertrand, Giorgio Delzanno, Barbara Koenig, Arnaud Sangnier, Jan Stuckrath
29-4-2011 DISI-TR-11-03 On business process modelling with the UML: a discipline and four styles Gianna Reggio - Filippo Ricca - Egidio Astesiano - Maurizio Leotta
24-3-2011 DISI-TR-11-02 The PM2-Tetrahedral Tree Leila De Floriani, Riccardo Fellegara, Paola Magillo
12-1-2011 DISI-TR-11-01 On The Power of Cliques in the Parameterized Verification of Ad Hoc Networks Giorgio Delzanno, Arnaud Sangnier, Gianluigi Zavattaro
29-11-2010 DISI-TR-10-12 Knowledge extraction for video analysis Nicoletta Noceti, Francesca Odone
25-10-2010 DISI-TR-10-10 Tagging Domain Ontologies with WordNet Domains Angela Locoro
14-10-2010 DISI-TR-10-07 Patchwork Terrains Daniele Panozzo, Enrico Puppo, Luigi Rocca
14-10-2010 DISI-TR-10-08 Simplification of cross-field topology Daniele Panozzo, Enrico Puppo
14-10-2010 DISI-TR-10-09 VMGdB - Contact Visuo Motor Grasping dataBase Nicoletta Noceti, Claudio Castellini, Barbara Caputo, Francesca Odone
12-10-2010 DISI-TR-10-06 PADDLE: Proximal Algorithm for Dual Dictionaries LEarning Curzio Basso, Matteo Santoro, Alessandro Verri, Silvia Villa
17-9-2010 DISI-TR-10-05 Design, Analysis and Comparison of Spatial Indexes for Tetrahedral Meshes Leila De Floriani, Riccardo Fellegara, Paola Magillo
10-9-2010 DISI-TR-10-03 Specifica di servizi del livello middleware del sistema di infomobilita' ACIS Vittoria Gianuzzi, Giuseppe Ciaccio
10-9-2010 DISI-TR-10-04 Implementazione di servizi del livello middleware del sistema di infomobilita' ACIS Vittoria Gianuzzi, Carmelo Festa, Giuseppe Ciaccio
17-6-2010 DISI-TR-10-02 A computational approach for the identification of potential biomarkers on heterogeneous data Margherita Squillario, Annalisa Barla
9-6-2010 DISI-TR-10-01 Parameterized Verification of Ad Hoc Networks Giorgio Delzanno, Arnaud Sangnier, Gianluigi Zavattaro
10-12-2009 DISI-TR-09-08 An Extensible Framework for Huge Geometric Models David Canino
4-11-2009 DISI-TR-09-07 Adaptive LOD Editing of Quad Meshes Daniele Panozzo, Enrico Puppo
4-11-2009 DISI-TR-09-06 A set of tools for representing, decomposing and visualizing non-manifold cellular complexes Leila De Floriani, Daniele Panozzo, Annie Hui
30-9-2009 DISI-TR-09-04 Annotazione automatica di immagini con sistemi desktop grid Marco Ferrante, Laura Lo Gerfo
3-8-2009 DISI-TR-09-03 On the RSTP Protocol Acceleration Vittoria Gianuzzi, Alessandro Di Marco, Paolo Ardoino, Luigi Rocca
6-7-2009 DISI-TR-09-02 Social Networks as a Support for Event Notification Services Giuseppe Ciaccio, Antonio Pastorino, Chiara Ragnini, Marina Ribaudo
9-6-2009 DISI-TR-09-01 An Iterative Projection Procedure to Solve Sparsity Based Regularization Sofia Mosci, Lorenzo Rosasco, Matteo Santoro, Alessandro Verri, SIlvia Villa
15-5-2008 DISI-TR-08-13 A Statistical Learning approach to Liver Iron Overload Estimation L. Baldassarre, B. Gianesin, A. Barla, M. Marinelli
23-4-2008 DISI-TR-08-10 Multi-Cues Regularized Least-Squares applied to Brain MRI Segmentation C. Basso, E. De Vito, A. Verri
12-3-2008 DISI-TR-08-04 Monitoring and Diagnosing Railway Signalling with Rule-Based Distributed Agents V. Mascardi, D. Briola, M. Martelli, R. Caccia, C. Milani
21-2-2008 DISI-TR-08-02 Improving 3D Shape retrieval with SVM E. Delponte, C. Basso, F. Odone, E. Puppo
11-2-2008 DISI-TR-08-01 LDAP Proxy AuthZ avoids Superpowered Middle-Tiers Marco Ferrante
26-10-2007 DISI-TR-07-09 Una soluzione interoperabile per la gestione di pattern di conoscenza Anna Maddalena, Marco Tozzi
17-10-2007 DISI-TR-07-07 The Chunk-Skew Layout Alessandro Di Marco
20-9-2007 DISI-TR-07-08 Integrating a FIPA-compliant Ontology Agent within a FIPA-compliant framework Daniela Briola, Viviana Mascardi
23-7-2007 DISI-TR-07-05 The Geometry of Commodity Hard-Disks Alessandro Di Marco
1-6-2007 DISI-TR-07-01 A regularized approach to feature selection for face detection A. Destrero, C. De Mol, F. Odone, A. Verri
10-5-2007 DISI-TR-07-04B A Regularized Method for Selecting Nested Groups of Relevant Genes from Microarray Data Christine De Mol, Sofia Mosci, Magali Traskine, Alessandro Verri
16-4-2007 DISI-TR-07-04 Fast Text Prediction in Wtx: the FTL rule Gianluca Quercini
9-3-2007 DISI-TR-07-03 Towards a Semantic Web System for Understanding Real World Representations Laura Papaleo, Leila De Floriani
9-3-2007 DISI-TR-07-02 Spectral Routing in Small-World Networks Matteo Dell'Amico
27-1-2007 DISI-TR-06-17 Experiments on a license plate recognition system Francesca Odone
10-1-2007 DISI-TR-06-21 A Comparison of Upper Ontologies Viviana Mascardi, Valentina Cordì, Paolo Rosso
18-10-2006 DISI-TR-06-19 A survey of kernel and spectral methods for clustering Maurizio Filippone, Francesco Camastra, Francesco Masulli, Stefano Rovetta
18-10-2006 DISI-TR-06-20 Preserving Information from Real Objects to Digital Shapes L. Papaleo, R. Albertoni, F. Robbiano
12-6-2006 DISI-TR-06-10 A wrapper approach to supervised input selection using simulated annealing Maurizio Filippone, Francesco Masulli, Stefano Rovetta
10-6-2006 DISI-TR-06-09 A Semantic Web System for Understanding and Reasoning on Digital Shapes Laura Papaleo
2-5-2006 DISI-TR-06-07 3D object recognition with trains of keypoints Elisabetta Delponte, Elise Arnaud, Francesca Odone, Alessandro Verri
2-5-2006 DISI-TR-06-02 SVD-matching using SIFT features Elisabetta Delponte, Francesco Isgro`, Francesca Odone, Alessandro Verri
6-4-2006 DISI-TR-06-06 Highly Clustered Networks with Preferential Attachment to Close Nodes Matteo Dell'Amico
3-4-2006 DISI-TR-06-05 Effects of the decay factor in the BFS Algorithm Alessandro Di Marco
18-1-2006 DISI-TR-06-01 From AUML to WS-BPEL Giovanni Casella, Viviana Mascardi
28-11-2005 DISI-TR-05-20 DCaseLP: a Prototyping Environment for Multilingual Agent Systems Ivana Gungui, Maurizio Martelli,Viviana Mascardi
14-10-2005 DISI-TR-05-16 Reachability Analysis of Mobile Ambients in Fragments of AC Term Rewriting Giorgio Delzanno, Roberto Montagna
14-10-2005 DISI-TR-05-15 On the Reachability Problem for Fragments of Mobile Ambients with Open and Restriction Giorgio Delzanno, Roberto Montagna
3-10-2005 DISI-TR-05-13 Evaluating Sender and Recipient Anonymity in a Structured Overlay Giuseppe Ciaccio
30-8-2005 DISI-TR-05-11 Designing and Implementing an Ontology-Based Distance between Sets of Concepts Valentina Cordì, Paolo Lombardi, Maurizio Martelli, Viviana Mascardi
29-8-2005 DISI-TR-05-10 A Semantic Information Retrieval Advertisement and Policy Based System for a P2P Network Giovanna Guerrini, Viviana Mascardi, Marco Mesiti
6-6-2005 DISI-TR-05-09 On the Expressiveness of Multiset Rewriting with Gap-order Constraints Giorgio Delzanno
6-6-2005 DISI-TR-05-08 Constraint Multiset Rewriting Giorgio Delzanno
11-5-2005 DISI-TR-05-05 NEBLO: Anonymity in a Structured Overlay Giuseppe Ciaccio
11-5-2005 DISI-TR-05-06 A Pretty Flexible API for Generic Peer-to-Peer Programming Giuseppe Ciaccio
15-3-2005 DISI-TR-04-12 Morphology-based Representation of Topographic Surfaces : a Survey Lidija Comic, Leila De Floriani, Laura Papaleo, Emanuele Danovaro
2-1-2005 DISI-TR-05-04 Online Data Fusion for building 3D models from acoustical range images Laura Papaleo, Enrico Puppo
19-3-2004 DISI-TR-04-02 Discussing the Issues in Security Policies for Spatial Data and Discussing the Issues in Security Elena Camossi, Sonia Fagorzi and Davide Sobrero
26-11-2003 DISI-TR-03-12 Building kernels from binary strings for image matching Francesca Odone, Annalisa Barla, Alessandro Verri
1-7-2003 DISI-TR-03-09 ST_ODMG: A Multigranular Spatiotemporal Extension of ODMG Model Elena Camossi, Michela Bertolotto, Elisa Bertino, Giovanna Guerrini
27-5-2003 DISI-TR-03-06 Providing Single I/O Space and Multiple Fault Tolerance in a Distributed RAID Alessandro Di Marco, Giovanni Chiola, Giuseppe Ciaccio
25-3-2003 DISI-TR-03-05 Equivalence Preserving transformation for XML Documents Stephan Bressan, Barbara Catania, Zoe Lacroix, Ying G. Li, Anna Maddalena.
18-2-2003 DISI-TR-03-04 An ensemble approach to variable selection for classification of DNA microarray data Francesco Masulli and Stefano Rovetta
16-2-2003 DISI-TH-10-03 A Java framework for high-level distributed scientific programming Marco Ferrante
12-1-2003 DISI-TR-03-01 On-line 3D Mosaicing from Range Images: A State of the Art Report Laura Papaleo, Enrico Puppo
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