Seminars are jointly organized at DIMA and DISI by Marco Grandis, Eugenio Moggi, and Giuseppe Rosolini.

If you are interested in attending, you may find useful to look at information about the departments or about hotels in Genoa.

Forthcoming seminars

June 21
16.00, Lecture Room 214
Eugenio Moggi, Universitá di Genova
Arity Polymorphism and Dependent Types

For more information, contact Pino Rosolini.

Previous Seminars

Underlined titles refer to available abstracts.


December 7
Marta Bunge, McGill University
Totally disconnected reflections
Marcelo Fiore, LFCS Edinburgh
Towards axiomatic domain theory, I: Categorical models of PML
December 14
Silvio Ghilardi, Università di Milano
Rappresentazioni nei fasci per categorie di algebre finitamente presentate


January 11
Aurelio Carboni, Università di Genova
Nearly Representable Monads and Artin Glueing
R.F.C. Walters, University of Sydney
Some remarks on hybrid systems
January 25
Marta Bunge, McGill University
Aspects of cosheaves
Pino Rosolini, Università di Genova
Constructing parametric models of polymorphism
February 22
Maria Cristina Pedicchio, Università di Trieste
Categorie di Maltsev e teoria dei commutatori
February 28
Roberto Chinnici, Università di Milano
Osservazioni sul topos effettivo
March 7
Ieke Moerdijk, Universiteit Utrecht
Zermelo-Fraenkel algebras and bisimulation
March 8
Grzegorz Jarzembski, N. Copernicus University
Programs in partial algebras
March 22
Pino Rosolini, Università di Genova
Duality and Synthetic Domain Theory
Speaker: Eugenio Moggi, Università di Genova
Evaluation Logic and Synthetic Domain Theory
March 28
Andrew Pitts, University of Cambridge
Co-inductive reasoning about functional programs
Aurelio Carboni, Università di Genova
Toposes as cocomplete categories
April 19
Marco Grandis, Università di Genova
Homotopical algebra and triangulated categories
May 10
F.W. Lawvere, SUNY at Buffalo
Objective Number Theory
May 18
J. Lambek, McGill University
Bilinear Logic
May 27
Alex Simpson, LFCS Edinburgh
Categorical Completeness Results for the Simply-Typed Lambda Calculus
July 15
P.J. Freyd, University of Pennsylvania
Knots, braids, and categories
September 22
G. Janelidze, Georgian Academy of Sciences (Tbilisi)
Separable Objects and Coverings in Algebra and Geometry
October 26
R. Rosebrugh, Mount Allison University
Distributive adjoint strings


February 7
Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Technical University of Clausthal
Semantics of Object Oriented Databases
March 23
Francois Lamarche, Imperial College
Towards a better theory of interpretations, or: maybe we need something more general than categories
Pino Rosolini, Università di Genova
Free algebras in SDT
April 6
John MacDonald, University of British Columbia
Universal properties through operations and equations
Eugenio Moggi, Università di Genova
Monadic Semantics of CCS-like calculi
April 27
Bob Paré, Dalhousie University
Strong profunctors
Alex Simpson, Dalhousie University
The limit-colimit coincidence in synthetic domain theory
May 11
John Power, Edinburgh, Scotland (not the one in South Australia)
Gabriel-Ulmer duality for categories enriched in bicategories
November 7
Mamuka Jibladze, Dalhousie University
Initial algebras for partial map classifiers
Pino Rosolini, Genova
Simple models of SDT
December 5
C.B. Jay, University of Technology (Sydney)
Covariant Types


February 6
Giovanni Panti, Università di Genova
Geometric representation of infinite-valued Lukasiewicz logic, C*-algebras, and toric varieties
February 23
Max Kelly, University of Sidney
A new 2-category of "equipments" as a fruitful codomain for such constructions as Rel(E), Par(E), Span(E), Prof(E)
Marco Grandis, Università di Genova
On the homotopy structure of strongly homotopy associative differential algebras
April 19
Gordon Plotkin, LFCS Edinburgh
An axiomatic domain theory
April 29
Tom Fox, McGill University
Liberi, coliberi, alberi
Dana Scott, Carnegie Mellon
Domain Theory and Integration
Silvio Ghilardi, Univ. di Milano
Constructive canonicity in non-classical logics
Michael Makkai, McGill Univ.
Higher dimensional categories
Jiri Rosickż, Masaryk Univ.
Finite models of sketches
Marcelo Fiore, LFCS Edinburgh
Enrichment and Representation Theorems for Categories of Domains and Continuous Functions
Vladimiro Sassone, Univ. di Pisa
Higher Dimensional Transition Systems
October 8
D. Spreen, Universitšt Siegen
A new model construction for higher type systems
Pino Rosolini, Università di Genova
A non-replete directed complete poset
October 24-26
XVI Incontro di Logica Matematica
December 17
P. Cherenack, University of Cape Town
Smooth homotopy
Marco Grandis, Università di Genova
Variables in categories and homotopy categories


February 14
Pino Rosolini, Università di Genova
Eugenio Moggi, Università di Genova
Functor categories and partial evaluation
June 18
John Power, LFCS Edinburgh
An introduction to weak higher dimensional categories
Pino Rosolini, Università di Genova
When a free exact category is cartesian closed
November 20
Paul Taylor, London
An abstract Stone duality
December 4
Marco Grandis, Università di Genova
Limits in double categories
Cristiano Calcagno, Università di Genova
Two-level languages for program optimization


February 5
David Benson, Washington State University
The topos of 3-colored graphs
February 10
Pino Rosolini, Università di Genova
Type theory via exact categories
David Benson, Washington State University
Varieties with Self
February 20
Francis Borceux, Université Catholique de Louvain
Enriched accessible categories
David Benson, Washington State University
Sketch Tensor Products for Computer Science
June 16
Steve Awodey, Carnegie Mellon
Topological representation of the lambda-calculus
August 5
Eugenio Moggi, Università di Genova
Categorical semantics for multistage programming languages
October 23
Thomas Streicher, Darmstadt
A category of sequential domains
Full abstraction via realisability


February 23
Pino Rosolini, Università di Genova
Equilogical spaces and filter spaces
April 6
Francis Borceux, Université Catholique de Louvain
Categorie d'Azumaya e gruppo di Brauer di una categoria monoidale chiusa
April 19
Keith Hardie, University of Cape Town
Homotopy theoretic aspects of finite spaces
August 4
Ryu Hasegawa, University of Tokyo
Lagrange-Good inversion from trace
June 6
Robert Rosebrugh, Mount Allison University
A graphical database for category theory - system demonstration
Enrico Vitale, Université Catholique de Louvain
On algebraically exact categories and essential localizations of varieties