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Seminar Details

Date 20-6-2005
Time 15:00
Room/Location Sala conferenze, DISI - 322 - 3 piano
Title Particle Swarm Optimization: Neighborhood Topology
Speaker Dott. Alessandro Passaro
Affiliation Ph.D. student in Computer Science, Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning Group, Dipartimen
Link http://www.di.unipi.it/~passaro
Abstract We provide an introduction to particle swarm optimization (PSO), an optimization technique inspired by social behavior simulations. Similarly to evolutionary computation techniques, in PSO a population of individuals (particles) is maintained. Each particle adjusts its velocity according to its own flying experience and its companionsí ones. Interactions between particles are determined by the neighborhood topology, which defines how particles can communicate. The effect of different topologies on the algorithm's performance is discussed.
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