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Seminar Details

Date 14-4-2005
Time 15:30
Room/Location DISI, Aula 322
Title Trends and perspectives in immersive video communication
Speaker Oliver Schreer
Affiliation Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunication
Link http://iphome.hhi.de/schreer/
Abstract In this talk an overview is given to a new area of research called imm ersive video communication. The mission in immersive media is to design novel co mmunication systems offering sensations similar to those experienced in real lif e. Such systems would re-create the perception of natural conditions, spaces and sensory stimuli to provide convincing impressions of social and physical presen ce. The wide field of applications reaches from the daily business - where immer sive 3D videoconferencing may introduce a new era of tele-collaboration - to pro fessional entertainment. Based on an overview on the state-of-the-art of advance d video communication technologies, the immersive videoconferencing system im.po int is presented and details of the system and algorithm aspects are discussed. A second application example is given using advanced video processing and render ing in the field of tele-consulting.
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