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Date 26-10-2004
Time 15:00
Room/Location 217, 2 piano
Title Security Views: Providing both Security and Schema for XML
Speaker Dr. Gabriel Kuper
Affiliation Department of Information and Communication Technology - UniversitÓ di Trento
Link http://www.unitn.it/people/info/gabrielmark.kuper.html
Abstract We describe a security model for XML that provides support for both access/inference control and schema information. The model consists of an expressive language for specifying access-control policies, a notion of security views for characterizing information accessible to authorized users, and a derivation algorithm for computing a security view definition from a access-control specification. The main advantages of this approach are (a) schema availability: a view schema is exposed to the users to facilitate query formulation and optimization without security breach; (b) access and inference control: security views protect sensitive data from direct access and indirect inference through queries by unauthorized users; and (c) efficient enforcement strategy: access control policies are both specified and enforced at the schema level (conceptual level) rather than at the document level (physical level), and these yield a cost-effective approach to maintaining the consistency and integrity of security views. Our main contributions are (a) the ability to handle arbitrary DTDs, rather than DTDs restricted to a specific normal form, (b) extension of the framework to accomodate different security policies and (c) specifications of algorithms to derive security views from a security annotation. This is joint work with Fabio Massacci
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