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Date 30-10-2004
Time 11:00
Room/Location UniversitÓ degli studi di Genova, Aula Magna, Via Balbi 5
Title Analytic Methods in Learning Theory
Speaker S. Smale - Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago; T. Poggio - MIT; Alessandro Verri - Universita
Affiliation Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago, Universita' di Genova, MIT, Universita' di Modena e Reggi
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/person/RosascoL/amlt/index1.htm
Abstract Summary: Learning from examples is a possible gateway to understanding intelligence in brains and machines. Classical theoretical approaches in learning theory strongly rely on results about empirical processes. In recent years, some works proposed a functional analytical approach based on the notion of stability. This framework provides a general way to study the problem of generalization (that is, the capability of learning). In particular, this new approach makes it clear that the problem of learning is strongly related to some traditional research areas like inverse problems and sampling theory. Moreover, it poses the challenge of exploiting the stability property to design novel and effective algorithms. The goal of this workshop is to bring together some recent results in this direction. Organizing Committee: T. Poggio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology L. Rosasco, Universita' di Genova A. Verri, Universita' di Genova
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