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Seminar Details

Date 5-12-2003
Time 15:00
Room/Location 218
Title Video stabilization as a variational problem and numerical solution with the Viterbi method
Speaker Maurizio Pilu, PhD, Ing. Senior Research Scientist
Affiliation HP Labs Europe, Bristol, UK
Link http://hplbwww.hpl.hp.com/people/mp/
Abstract Video stabilization is the process of reducing the amount of apparent image motion caused by the secondary, unintentional camera motion with respect to the scene while preserving the dominant, intentional camera motion. There are several situations where stabilization based on classical filter theory (e.g. a dampened integrator, time averaging, more general FIR/IIR filtering, etc.) produces very good results for reducing hand shake or in general when the range of camera motion is not very big. However in cases where the motion is dramatic, such as for wearable video, there is a compromise to be made between attenuating high frequencies and step response. Besides there is always the problem of the constraints imposed by the maximum size of the output video, which are hard to enforce smoothly in classical filtering. The work proposes a novel approach and a computational method that produces the theoretically most stable sequence allowed by the size of the output window regardless of frequency of oscillations, type of motion and extent of the image bounds. The method is theoretically optimal in the situation where the whole motion sequence is known in advance (off line filtering) or sub optimal in the case of time-delayed on-line filtering. A real time demo stabilization demo will be shown.
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