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Seminar Details

Date 14-7-2003
Time 15:00
Room/Location 214
Title Statically Type-Safe Virtual Types in Object-Oriented Languages
Speaker Kim Bruce
Affiliation Dept. Comp. Sci., Williams College, Massachusetts
Link http://www.cs.williams.edu/~kim/
Abstract The virtual class construct was introduced in the language Beta to provide for a mechanism similar to that of parametric polymorphism. Unfortunately, the virtual class construct in Beta is not statically type-safe (though it is dynamically safe because of run-time checks). In this paper we show how a generalization of the semantics of object-oriented languages with a MyType construct led to the discovery of a variant of virtual classes which need no run-time checks. This results in an object-oriented language in which both parametric and virtual types are well-integrated, and which is statically type-safe. This is joint work with Joe Vandervaart at Carnegie Mellon University.
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