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Seminar Details

Date 7-12-2011
Time 14:00
Room/Location DISI-Sala Conferenze III piano
Title Model-driven development of Web applications: the case of WebML
Speaker Dott. Marco Brambilla
Affiliation Politecnico di Milano and Web Models Srl
Link http://www.webratio.com/
Abstract Besides the widespread access to B2C web applications, the Web is becoming the platform of choice for modernization of enterprise software too. While most of the applications are still handcrafted, the complexity, size, and continuous evolution of Web applications demand for more solid engineering methods, design languages, and tools. In this seminar I will present our experience in Web engineering, by discussing the Web Modelling Language (WebML), a visual notation and method for specifying the user interaction features of Web (and multi-device) applications. I will describe the language and the challenges of modeling user interactions blended with web service invocations and business process specifications. I will also present the WebRatio toolsuite and a few real industrial scenarios where the method has been applied. For more information: www.webratio.com www.webml.org www.modeldrivenstar.org www.slideshare.net/mbrambil twitter.com/marcobrambi
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