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Seminar Details

Date 4-3-2003
Time 16:30
Room/Location Sala Conferenza DISI (terzo piano)
Title Involutive bases of polynomial ideals
Speaker Vladimir Gerdt
Affiliation Department of Computer Science University of Rostock
Abstract In this review talk we present basic ideas, concepts and constructive methods behind an algorithmic approach to construction of involutive polynomial bases which are (generally redundant) Groebner bases of the special form. The approach is based on the concept of involutive monomial division which is defined for a (leading) monomial set. Every particular division provides for each monomial in the set the self-consistent separation of variables into multiplicative and non-multiplicative. As a typical representative of involutive bases we consider those used by Janet for the purpose of algebraic analysis of partial differential equations. We give also experimental comparison of computational efficiency of the involutive algorithm for computing Janet bases and the Buchberger algorithm for computing reduced Groebner bases.
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