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Seminar Details

Date 23-2-2007
Time 12:00
Room/Location DISI-Sala conferenze 3 piano
Title On the Effectiveness of Screen Mockups in Enhancing Use Cases.
Speaker Marco Torchiano
Affiliation Politecnico di Torino
Link http://www.polito.it/
Abstract Use Cases represent a popular modeling technique amongst practitioners to capture and define requirements in the software development process. Different techniques, templates, and styles have been proposed in the literature to describe Use Cases. Over the years, a variety of techniques, templates, and styles for describing Use Cases have been proposed, aiming at offering solutions with high comprehensibility. Some of these introduce screen mockups to increase the comprehension of functional requirements and then promote the communication among stakeholders, analysts, and developers. We present and discuss a controlled experiment for assessing the effectiveness of including screen mockups when adopting Use Cases. The results indicate a clear improvement in terms of understandability of functional requirements when screen mockups are present with no significant impact on effort.
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