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Seminar Details

Date 17-5-2007
Time 10:00
Room/Location Al DISI, in Sala conferenze-3 piano
Title On Computing Handles and Tunnels
Speaker Dott. Tamal Dey
Affiliation Department of Computer Science and Engineering , The Ohio State University , Columbus (Ohio), USA
Link http://www.osu.edu/
Abstract Many applications seek to identify features like `handles' and `tunnels' in a shape bordered by a surface embedded in three dimensions. To this end we define handle and tunnel loops on surfaces which can help identifying these features. We show that a closed surface of genus $g$ always has $g$ handle and $g$ tunnel loops induced by the embedding. For a class of shapes that retract to graphs, we characterize these loops by a linking condition with these graphs. These characterizations lead to algorithms for detection and generation of these loops. We provide an implementation with applications to feature detection and topology simplification to show the effectiveness of the method.
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