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Seminar Details

Date 4-5-2007
Time 10:00
Room/Location DISI-2 piano Aula 214
Title Serie di seminari su Geometric Modeling and Graphics
Speaker Dott. Ricardo Marroquin
Affiliation Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
Link http://www.ufrj.br/
Abstract Abstract del primo seminario: In this talk an algorithm for generating multi-resolution triangulations of non-manifold 3D objects composed by several regions with arbitrary geometry is presented. The method is based on a physical compression of a spatial subdivision lattice. Our target application comes from Geosciences in which geological models for instance are often composed by several regions (forming geological layers), and have an irregular geometry, with surfaces that meet at very small angles (pinch-out). The goal is to generate meshes without bad elements that are able to support deformations and that can be used in numerical simulations. Abstract del secondo seminario: In this talk an efficient GPU-based implementation of the Projected Tetrahedra (PT) algorithm is presented. On top of direct volume rendering, a real-time isosurface extraction/rendering algorithm is also described. The implementation details that resulted in performance and quality improvements are outlined.
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