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Seminar Details

Date 20-12-2006
Time 15:00
Room/Location DISI, Sala conferenze 322, 3 piano
Title Probabilistic modelling of transcriptional networks: from genome-wide to single input motifs
Speaker Dr Guido Sanguinetti
Affiliation Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield UK
Link https://www.disi.unige.it/index.php?eventsandseminars/seminars
Abstract In this talk I will describe some recent work in collaboration with Neil Lawrence and Magnus Rattray. We propose a framework to integrate microarray and location data to infer active transcription factor (TF) protein concentrations and the sensitivity with which target genes respond to TF's binding. We model the dynamics of the protein concentrations using linear state-space models, and devise efficient algorithms that make the inference task tractable on a genome-wide scale. The results on real data sets capture many known biological relations. Furthermore, a spectral analysis on the response sensitivities allows us to identify small approximately independent submodules of the regulatory network that could be modelled at a more fine grained level. Finally, I will describe some preliminary results on inference in single input motif networks, where we assume the dynamic of the process to be described by a linear differential equation and we model the TF concentration as a continuous Gaussian process.
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