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Seminar Details

Date 18-10-2006
Time 15:00
Room/Location Al DISI- Sala conferenze- 322-3° piano
Title Non-rigid structure from motion
Speaker Dott. Alessio Del Bue
Affiliation Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa
Link http://users.isr.ist.utl.pt/~adb/
Abstract Of considerable recent interest in Computer Vision is the extent to which 3D information about the world can be inferred directly from image sequences taken from a moving video camera, when the specific details of the camera and its motion are all not known in advance. Such free-form inference can only succeed if certain assumptions are made, the standard one being that the scene observed by the camera is rigid: its geometry is static and the only motion is that of the camera. In this talk we will explore the more challenging case of scenes that are not completely rigid, but which have certain degrees of flexibility or deformation. The approach is to infer the object?s principal modes of deformation alongside its 3D shape purely from image measurements, in an unconstrained case: a camera viewing an object which is moving and changing its structure. Results on both synthetic and real data from monocular and stereo sequences will show the proposed methods effectiveness in reconstructing a 3D deformable shape.
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