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Seminar Details

Date 16-9-2006
Time 9:30
Room/Location Oratorio S. Filippo Neri, Via Lomellini 12, Genova
Title Third Bioinformatics Meeting on Machine Learning for Microarray Studies of Disease:Biomarker Selecti
Speaker Vari
Affiliation SlipGURU , DISI e CRAC
Link http://slipguru.disi.unige.it/Events/BioLeMiD/
Abstract This international workshop explores the new frontiers of machine learning applied to molecular diagnosis and prognosis. Research issues on biomarker identification and selection in microarray and proteomic data will be the topics of this 2006 edition. The workshop will consist in a series of informal presentations. More information can be found at http://slipguru.disi.unige.it/Events/BioLeMiD Organizing Committee: Alessandro Verri, Francesca Odone, Annalisa Barla – DISI Università di Genova Cesare Furlanello – ITC-irst, Trento
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