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Seminar Details

Date 21-6-2006
Time 15:00
Room/Location DISI -num 710 - 7° piano
Title Multi-Agent systems meta-modeling: an ontology-based approach
Speaker Dott. Valentina Cordì
Affiliation DISI, Università di Genova
Link http://www.disi.unige.it/
Abstract The need of a unifying meta-model for intelligent, adaptive MASs has rapidly grown in the last two years, as demonstrated by many recent papers and events on this topic. The main idea behind the meta-modeling approach is that different agent-oriented software engineering methodologies and tools may turn out to be useful for engineering different aspects of the MAS, but no single methodology is good for everything. For this reason, the idea of taking advantage of reusable "components" (or "fragments") of existing AOSE methodologies, integrating them according to a common meta-model, is currently gaining a wide consensus. We present a work that describes the communication and interaction portion of a “MAS meta-model ontology”, developed taking six different AOSE methodologies (and related meta-models) into account. The ontology, designed following well-established criteria and implemented using the tool Protègè, helps the developer in building a MAS.
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