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Seminar Details

Date 17-5-2006
Time 14:30
Room/Location Sala conferenza - 3 piano
Title "Diffusion Processes and Fourier and Wavelet analysis on graphs and manifolds"
Speaker Dott. Mauro Maggioni
Affiliation Yale University
Link http://www.yale.edu/
Abstract We present novel ideas and constructions that allow the multiscale organization of graphs and data sets. These constructions are based on ideas related to diffusions on data set, and use different time and space scales associated with diffusion to infer multiscale hierarchical organizations of a graph. They allow to generalize Fourier and wavelet analysis to graphs and manifolds. They allow to organize complex data sets and to generalize important signal processing tools to graphs. In order to emphasize the wide applicability of these techniques we will touch upon their applications to the organization of document corpora, dimensionality reduction for dynamical systems, nonlinear image denoising, reinforcement and semi-supervised learning.
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