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Seminar Details

Date 21-4-2006
Time 11:00
Room/Location Sala conferenze, num 322 , 3 piano
Title Rigorous computing in Computer Vision
Speaker Dott. Michela Farenzena
Affiliation Dipartimento di Informatica, UniversitÓ degli Studi di Verona
Link http://www.di.univr.it
Abstract In this talk how Interval Analysis can be used to solve some problems in Computer Vision, namely autocalibration and triangulation, will be discussed . The crucial property of Interval Analysis is its ability to rigorously bound the range of a function over a given domain. This allows to propagate input errors with guaranteed results (used in multi-views triangulation) and to search for solution in non-linear minimisation problems with provably correct branch-and-bound algorithms (used in autocalibration). Experiments with real calibrated images illustrate the interval approach.
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