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Seminar Details

Date 4-4-2006
Time 14:30
Room/Location Sala conferenze , 322 - 3 piano
Title Retrieval of Digital Shapes by Size Functions
Speaker Dott. Daniela Giorgi
Affiliation CNR-IMATI Genova
Link http://www.ima.ge.cnr.it/
Abstract Abstract: The recent increased usage of image and multimedia databases has motivated research in building tools to automatically extract the geometric, and possibly semantic, content of digital shapes. The goal is the development of effective content-based search engines to browse the Web or digital objects repositories. In this talk I will recall some basic concepts about Size Functions, which are a mathematical tool suitable for shape description and comparison. I will then examine how Size Functions can be applied in the field of digital shape analysis and retrieval. In particular, the attention will be focused on the problem of retrieving figurative images and three-dimensional models from large databases. This work was carried out when Daniela Giorgi was with the Department of Mathematics, Universita' degli Studi di Bologna.
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