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Seminar Details

Date 21-3-2006
Time 14:30
Room/Location Sala conferenze, al Disi, num 322 - 3 piano
Title Robust and precise eye localization for face registration and recognition
Speaker Dott. Raffaella Lanzarotti
Affiliation Universita' degli Studi di Milano
Link http://www.dsi.unimi.it
Abstract The current challenge for Face Recognition (FR) systems is to find solutions adequate to real-world applications, that is completely automatic and robust in unconstraint contexts. In this framework, one of the critical unsolved problem regards the precise and automatic localization of the facial features (eyes, nose and mouth): most of the FR methods (e.g. PCA, ICA, LDA, LFA, LNFM, LS-ICA, Kernel-PCA, Kernel-ICA) require either to warp the input images, or at least to normalize them. This makes the facial feature localization particularly crucial, above all considering that even small localization errors make the recognition process fail. In this seminar, we present our eye localization method which consists of two steps: at first a face detector localizes roughly the position and extension of the faces represented in the image; then the eye detector processes the found sub-images to localize precisely the eyes. Here we focus on the second step that is built by modelling the eye at different level of details by means of the Haar wavelet transform. Two Support Vector Machines are trained by examples having as input a subset of the Haar wavelet coefficients selected to optimize a trade off between accuracy and efficiency. The first classifier aims to roughly localize the eye within the face, the second aims to refine the localization, determining a precise position of the eye center. We conclude the seminar reporting the performance of our algorithm on standard databases (XM2VTS, BANCA, FRGC, FERET, and BioID) and comparing it with the best algorithms presented in the literature.
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