Date: Thu 28 Jan
Time: 16.30
Place: Sala Conferenze DISI

Speaker: Prof. Dana S. Scott (CMU)
Reference: Giuseppe Rosolini Title: Teaching about Plane Algebraic Curves via Computer Algebra

Abstract. Over recent years, computer algebra systems have undergone such development that their use in teaching and research needs to be seriously assessed by all mathematicians. The speaker has presented several times an introductory undergraduate course in projective geometry and algebraic plane curves (over the complex numbers using Mathematica) he thinks can serve as a serious test case in determining whether computers really help both in understanding such mathematical course material better and in providing interesting techniques for proofs of theorems. The course -- which is fully preserved in electronic form -- will be outlined and Mathematica demonstrations from a computer will be given emphasizing both the use of algebra and of graphics. The speaker will also discuss suggestions for and questions about future developments. The presentation of the course is an outgrowth of the methods reported on during an earlier visit to DIMA/DISI by the speaker.