Date: Wed 08 Oct
Time: 15.00
Place: Conference Room

Speaker: Dr. David W. Hislop (Program Manager Software and Knowledge Base Systems, Mathematical and Computer Sciences Division, U.S. Army Research Office)
Title: From Programming to Software Engineering
Reference: Egidio Astesiano e Eugenio Moggi

Abstract. Software is the "Achilles Heel" of modern information-intensive systems design and evolution. As evidence, consider that a significant percentage of systems are never satisfactorily completed, and that astounding schedule and cost overruns are common. Further, in spite of significant efforts, and some notable progress, to move from "programming" to "software engineering" much remains to be done before we can expect to achieve the technological capability we seek and need. Software engineering defined as a set-of-tasks, vocation, or concept is not new. However, the impact on the software industry practices has been, arguably, marginal. The reasons for this include theoretical, technological cultural, and economic issues. During this presentation I will attempt to address some of the various influences which should help explain the historical and present circumstances affecting the software engineering enterprise. Also, I will discuss the idea of a consensus - derived complete machine-based paradigm for future software engineering.