Date: Wed 03 Jul
Time: 15.00
Place: Sala Conferenze

Speaker: Hanan Samet (Univ. of Maryland)
Title: Sorting in Space
Reference: Leila de Floriani

Abstract. The representation of spatial data is an important issue in computer vision, geographic information systems, computer graphics, and robotics. A wide number of representations is currently in use. Recently, there has been much interest in hierarchical data structures such as quadtrees and octrees. The key advantage of these representations is that they provide a way to index into space. In fact, they are little more than multidimensional sorts. They are compact and depending on the nature of the spatial data they save space as well as time and also facilitate operations such as search. In this talk we give a brief overview of hierarchical spatial data structures and related research results as well as a demonstration of a spatial database system that makes use of them.