Date: Mon 9 Dec 2002
Time: 10.00
Place: DISI Conference Hall, III floor, Via Dodecaneso 35, 16146 Genova ITALY

Speaker: Prof. Toshinori Munakata
Computer and Information Science Dept. Cleveland State University Cleveland, OH 44114, U.S.A.

Title: Chaos Computing: A New Computing Paradigm

Recently, computer architectures based on totally new principles other than silicon chips have been proposed. They include quantum and DNA computing. In this talk, yet another new paradigm called chaos computing will be introduced. The speaker has been working in this area for the past few years and will discuss the fundamental theory of the use of chaotic elements for the implementation of logic gates, bit-wise adders, and memory for both sequential and parallel computing. Chaos computing may also lead to "dynamic architectures," where the hardware design itself can evolve during the course of computation.