Date: Wed October 11 2000
Time: 16.30
Place: Aula 214

Speaker: Robert Laurini, LISI - INSA de Lyon, France
Title: "Sistema multimediale per il rumore urbano"

Abstract. Sounds are very important in our daily life with a twofold attitude for any citizen. In one hand, when music, sounds are considered as enhancing the quality of life, but in the other hand, traffic noise deteriorates the quality of life. Due to those contradictory characteristics, the new concept of soundscape tries to combine both positive and negative aspects of the auditory environment. Presently, and more and more in the future, any urban planning activity will try and must try to diminish noise levels everywhere in the cities and perhaps outside, for instance at the vicinity of airports. Local authorities daily receive complaints regarding noise. But they generally come from very quiet precincts, and practically never from very noisy zones such as along busy highways. So, it is very important to provide the urban decision-makers an objective tool to compare not only noise levels but also soundscape, and to simulate the auditory impacts of any new urban development. The goal of this paper will be to give the first elements of the design of an information system dedicated to auditory information for cities. We will successively described the importance of urban soundscape, the acquisition of data, the structure of the information system and some elements for the visualisation of sounds.