General Information about the PhD Program in Computer Science

The PhD program lasts 3 year (which may be extended to 4, but without financial support). Each PhD student has a supervisor (who is a member of the Collegio dei Docenti), and when necessary a second person acting as thesis advisor. In the first year students are expected to take courses, in order to complete their computer science background and/or to deepen their knowledge in specific areas. At the end of the first year students should submit a thesis proposal. The last two years are mainly devoted to research activity and the writing up of the thesis. At the end of the last year a student must submit a thesis (in English), which will be judged by a committee (nominated by the Collegio dei Docenti) also on the basis of written reports by external reviewers.

Research Lines and Relevant Themes in the PhD Program in Computer Science

Below you can find the list of the research lines available within the PhD program in Computer Science and Engineering and the faculty members at DIBRIS who are doing research in each area. Such lines include those previously available in the PhD program in Computer Science and those available in the PhD program in Electronic, Computer, Robotics, and Telecommunication Engineering, and related to Computer Engineering.

  1. artificial intelligence
    researchers: Delzanno, Martelli, Mascardi
  2. data bases and information systems
    researchers: Catania, Guerrini
  3. computer graphics
    researchers: De Floriani, Magillo, Puppo
  4. computer vision
    researchers: Barla, Odone, Rosasco, Verri
  5. distributed and parallel systems
    researchers: Chiola, Ciaccio, Gianuzzi, Ribaudo
  6. image processing
    researchers: Boccacci
  7. machine learning and soft computing
    researchers: Barla, Masulli, Odone, Rosasco, Rovetta Verri
  8. programming languages
    researchers: Ancona D., Delzanno, Martelli, Mascardi, Moggi, Zucca
  9. security
    researchers: Ancona, Chiola, Ciaccio, Delzanno, Lagorio, Martelli, Mascardi, Odone, Verri
  10. techniques and methods for software system design
    researchers: Cerioli, Delzanno, Martelli, Mascardi, Reggio
Specific themes of interest for the department are listed here.

Please consult the DIBRIS web page for up-to-date overview of the active research topics within the Department and its faculty members. If interested in the a process, please visit the Admission process page
For general advice you might contact the PhD program Director: