The Environment Editing Tool

The Environment Editiong Tool (EET) is a stand-alone interactive component which runs off-line, and whose purpose is to support definition, and modification of the environment database. This component provides a user interface to access rig data in the database and edit their contents, with appropriate facilities to handle its multi-resolution organization. The EET provides a set of primitive object components. The user can handle such primitives interactively to build more complex objects, in order to obtain a library of component classes, which can be used in turn to build more complex objects, and so on. Besides providing basic facilities to insert and position objects in a scene, the EET must provide the following functionalities:

The EET provides facilities for interactive design of the Rig, and it supports Level-of-Detail management. The component class library that can be designed with such a tool consists of a collection of VRML 2.0 files, where each file gives the multilevel description of a component class. The most recent version of the EET is based on efficient technology (custom VRML interpreter and Open Inventor and View Kit libraries) and besides efficient and friendly interaction and VRML 2.0 compatibility, it also performs Automatic detection of joints, in order to provide data to programs that build recognition strategies.

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