Stefano Rovetta

Associate professor of Computer Science

Machine learning; Soft computing; Neural networks; Natural Computing; Bioinformatics; Ambient-assisted living.

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Some projects and events

Genoa Bioinformatics Workshop - June 14, 2013
Special Session @ ICANN2012: Bioinformatics and Computational Intelligence
clip2007: Cross-Language Information Processing workshop 2007 - Beyond document processing: from computational linguistics to computational humour - July 7-10, 2007. (More on the workshop website.) CLIP2007 will be a special session of the 2007 International Workshop on Fuzzy Logics and Applications.
clip2006: Cross-Language Information Processing workshop 2006 - From document analysis to document understanding - September 25-26, 2006
clip2005: Cross-Language Information Processing workshop 2005 - Clustering techniques for document organisation and retrieval - June 17, 2005
ICT for EU-India Cross Cultural Dissemination - Project co-funded by the European Commission