A program designed by Giuseppina Mancuso and implemented by Paola Magillo

(C) Worldwide Copyright - All rights reserved


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What is SoundWord

SoundWord is a totally new and original musical program. It allows all people, including those with no musical background, to create, listen to, print and send their own music.

Its uniqueness comes from the fact that, if you write either one word or a whole text, this is automatically transformed into music.

SoundWord is a program covered by worldwide copyright, designed by Giuseppina Mancuso and implemented by Paola Magillo.

The complete distribution SoundWord contains the following functionalities:

  1. Either directly write the text to be translated, or load it from a file.
  2. Save the text on a file.
  3. Translate the text into music.
  4. Facilities to modify the produced music, save it on a file, and reload it.
  5. Inverse translation of music into a text.
  6. Play the music either with or without accompaniment.
  7. Save the music on a "Midi" file, which can be played with standard programs for computer music.
In order to know how SoundWord has been born and other information, read the paper.

Official presentation of SoundWord

SoundWord has been officially presented on September 20, 2001 at DISI (Computer and Information Science Department) of the University of Genova, Italy.


SoundWord has been written in the Java language, version 1.2. Thanks to the portability of code written in Java, SoundWord can run indifferently under Windows, Linux, etc.
In order to be executed, SoundWord needs:
  1. The Java run-time environment, version 1.1., which can be obtained for free fron the network
  2. An audio board installed
The Java run-time environment alone is sufficient to execute the program, to visualize the music, and to write the music onto Midi files. The audio board and the program for playing Midi files are necessary in order to listen to the produced music.

For more details, see the istructions for installation.

Demo version

You can download the file SWDEMO.ZIP for a demo version.
The same instructions apply as the ones for installing the program. Only the file names change: SWDEMO.ZIP instead of SOUNDWRD.ZIP and SoundWordDemo instead of SoundWord.

Musical pieces produced by SoundWord